Time to Tennis

Time to Tennis is CITTA Mall’s first-ever indoor tennis court & coaching facility. There are four courts available to shoppers for play and coaching lessons.

It’s time to step up your game and have fun with your tennis-loving friends. See you there!


“Every Meal is A Celebration.” 

Motivated to make every meal memorable, Meija was established in 2022. Combining the warmth of handmade crafts, exclusive designs and timeless styles, the brand only produces the finest tableware that happily fits in any dining table and home interior. 

Inspired by the Nordic style, we are persistent in delivering minimalistic and timeless style using a blend of colors, textures and natural materials on our products. These exclusive dining tableware can transform and elevate your eating experiences and make every meal a celebration. To top it off, the brand offers a range of unique handmade products, making it extra special for every single consumer as no two items are truly the same. 

As a proud home-grown brand in Malaysia, Meija strongly believes in the value of crafts and community. We actively build relationships with our consumers and people who trust our products. Hence, with goals to provide exceptional shopping experience, Meija offers unmatched membership benefits for our consumers and the brand practices a 3-days hassle free exchange policy. Consumers are welcomed to make a product exchange, in the case of a change of mind. 

Meija also offers a seamless in-store and online shopping experience through multiple delivery channels. To make it even simpler for consumers, the brand enables self-pick up as an option for consumers who prefer to receive the product at the physical store after purchasing online. 

We curate dining experiences and we bring a sense of celebration to every meal.

B Optique

At B’ OPTIQUE, we are committed in bringing you high quality products and excellent service quality with good value for money.

Our store is equipped with advanced eyes inspection equipment and we have a team of experienced and qualified staffs.

Sofana Hearing Care

In 1989, Sofana Hearing Care was established in Kluang, Johor.

Since then, Sofana Hearing Care has been delivering excellent hearing care solutions to our patients, and in 2021 we opened our first outlet in the Klang Valley. Working with our partners for 31 years, we have improved the quality of life for countless people.

We understand that the ability to hear clearly is so vital to enjoying a full and fulfilling life, but, hearing is the most underappreciated sense that we have, more often than not, people aren’t even aware that they are suffering from some form of hearing loss. So visit a Sofana Hearing Care center near you for a free consultation for yourself or your loved ones, let us be part of your journey to aural well-being.

ECO Shop

“It’s the RM2.10 shop in my neighborhood!”
ECO Shop is an everyday brand to every household in Malaysia.

What you need to know about us is not only the price, but the idea behind the brand, and that we make your life easier.

You will be surprised that with only RM2.10, you can buy more than what you expect.

Ashley Furniture HomeStore


Your home is more than a house, it’s the daily moments and experiences you share that make it uniquely you. At Ashley Furniture HomeStore, we celebrate being home with you. Our locally owned and operated stores are passionate about being the best and most affordable furniture store for your home.

Rooms are meant for living and dreaming. Helping you furnish your home inspires us in everything we do. From designing collections and products around the latest trends, to looking for ways to reduce costs.

It all translates into the styles you want—always at a great price.

Jane Yap Atelier

A centre for creative expression, Jane Yap Atelier encourages and emboldens children to embark on their own creative odyssey through art. The atelier regularly hosts art classes for children, and a variety of mediums are explored through these art projects. Functioning both as a gallery and an institution of learning, Jane Yap Atelier proudly displays creations from its students and advocates using art altruistically to engage other communities in need.


BLESS is an acronym for Bringing Life and Evangelism through Social Services. It is a ministry started by SIBKL to help the less fortunate communities. BLESS Shop specifically raises money to fund projects under them including:

  1. Kenosis Homes for Drug Rehabilitation (https://www.kenosis.org.my/)
  2. Crossroads Ministry – Rainbow Home for Troubled Women (https://www.sibkl.org.my/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=139&Itemid=261)
  3. Feeding 1000 Myanmar refugee children to give them one solid meal daily
  4. Giving Myanmar refugee children education support through books and stationery.
  5. Maintaining Orang Asli outreach programmes.

The BLESS Shops carry a wide selection of second-hand goods as well as brand new goods that are donated to BLESS by the many generous people in the Klang Valley. Beautiful things ranging from clothes to shoes to small furniture to home decoration to jewellery can be found at BLESS Shops.

The price for goods start at a very low price of RM3 and all proceeds contribute to the charitable works that BLESS is involved in.

Treasure Box

Treasure Box is the first centre licensed to offer MPM Singapore Math together with its 2 foundation programs, JELIC & KMI, in Malaysia.

MPM (Multi-Process and Multi-Model) Singapore Math’s unique training approach encompasses:

Singapore Math + Advanced Geometry + Advanced Critical Thinking

MPM has over 40 centres in Singapore and is the math enrichment programme of choice in Singapore to extend students’ learning of Singapore Math in schools. MPM provides additional training in advanced geometry in preparation for secondary schools. The unique presentation of questions and creative multi-model solutions effectively elevate students’ level of critical thinking. Suitable for ages 6 to 12.

JELIC & KMI Whole Brain Development programs are the foundation courses to prepare pre-school children for MPM Singapore Math. JELIC & KMI offer 570 unique boxes of “game-like” challenges involving spatial visualisation and numerical skills. JELIC & KMI’s structured curriculum employs hands-on manipulatives to train young children in observation & critical thinking. Suitable for ages 3 to 6.

Boost Juice

It’s amazing that something so healthy can taste so good! Boost offers a huge, extra tasty range of low-fat, protein, super & green smoothies, freshly squeezed juices and dairy free crushes. All products are at least 98% fat-free.