Time to Tennis

Time to Tennis is CITTA Mall’s first-ever indoor tennis court & coaching facility. There are four courts available to shoppers for play and coaching lessons.

It’s time to step up your game and have fun with your tennis-loving friends. See you there!

Toy’s Ku

Enjoy high quality toys at affordable prices here!

Cactus Boy Nursery

Cactus Boy Nursery is a wholesale nursery based in Malaysia that was established in 2013. Our headquarters is in Pekan Nanas Johor, and our outlet is at CITTA Mall’s Balcony at Level 3.

We are dedicated to growing a wide variety of cactus and succulents and are constantly adding, developing, and creating special design products! Not only are we a nursery that offers beautiful and unique succulent and cactus plants, but we also delivery across Malaysia! We have perfected the art of shipping our gorgeous plants across Malaysia, allowing you to enjoy grade A plants, no matter where you are.

We are proud to bring you Malaysia’s very first succulent dispensing vending machine at CITTA Mall (located at the Ground Floor). This machine houses up to 108 succulents for sale, through an accessible, cashless, and unmanned retail system for your convenience!


BookXcess is a leading book retailer, offering great books at affordable prices. We deliver books to online customers worldwide from our fulfilment centre in our home country of Malaysia, where we also operate a chain of major book stores. What is more, we offer our customers discounts of up to 80% off the recommended retail price on the majority of the books that we stock. 

All our books are new. Many of them are printed specially for us, others are overstock or remaindered books. These originate from publishers who have printed too many copies of a new title, sent them for sale at regular book stores, and then had them returned by retailers when sales start to slow. The publisher is then faced with a choice: to destroy the books or resell them at a discount. This is how we obtain so many books at such good prices, enabling us in turn to pass these savings on to our customers. The books are sometimes marked on their base with a black pen to indicate their status, but they are all nonetheless essentially brand new.

We recommend customers buy immediately any book on our stores that is of interest to them. In many cases, once a book sells out, we may never have it in stock again!

Our mission is to make books accessible to everyone, thereby spreading the joy of reading and increasing English literacy.

Jane Yap Atelier

A centre for creative expression, Jane Yap Atelier encourages and emboldens children to embark on their own creative odyssey through art. The atelier regularly hosts art classes for children, and a variety of mediums are explored through these art projects. Functioning both as a gallery and an institution of learning, Jane Yap Atelier proudly displays creations from its students and advocates using art altruistically to engage other communities in need.

Curious Child Centre

Curious Child Center is a Reggio Inspired preschool, day care and enrichment center catering to children from 3 months to 6 year old. It offers both half day, full day and drop and work programs across all age group. For the preschool approach, the REGGIO EMILIA METHOD is applied.

It encourages creative learning to equip children to counter the spoon fed, fit in the mold way of learning. The main learning tools are things we find in our everyday environment, hoping for children to always be inspired to learn even as they leave school.

Their infant care program is for infants from 3-18 months and is headed by a qualified registered nurse with years of experience in nurseries, neonatal and pediatric wards in hospital.

They also do Infant playdates which are sensory sessions for babies aged 3-18 months and workshops for older kids (2-8yo). Curious Child is also a party venue for birthday parties and kids’ events.


Petsmore is derived from the Mandarin 宠物多多 (“Chong Wu Duo Duo”), which literally translates to “many pets”. As the largest pet chain store in Malaysia that offers products, services, consultancy, and a wide variety of pets for our customers,

Petsmore adopts strict and rigorous quality control practices to ensure customer satisfaction. Outlets are designed to be spacious, hygienic and comfortable to allow both shoppers and pets to move about when they are exploring Petsmore.com.