B Optique

At B’ OPTIQUE, we are committed in bringing you high quality products and excellent service quality with good value for money.

Our store is equipped with advanced eyes inspection equipment and we have a team of experienced and qualified staffs.


BLESS is an acronym for Bringing Life and Evangelism through Social Services. It is a ministry started by SIBKL to help the less fortunate communities. BLESS Shop specifically raises money to fund projects under them including:

  1. Kenosis Homes for Drug Rehabilitation (https://www.kenosis.org.my/)
  2. Crossroads Ministry – Rainbow Home for Troubled Women (https://www.sibkl.org.my/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=139&Itemid=261)
  3. Feeding 1000 Myanmar refugee children to give them one solid meal daily
  4. Giving Myanmar refugee children education support through books and stationery.
  5. Maintaining Orang Asli outreach programmes.

The BLESS Shops carry a wide selection of second-hand goods as well as brand new goods that are donated to BLESS by the many generous people in the Klang Valley. Beautiful things ranging from clothes to shoes to small furniture to home decoration to jewellery can be found at BLESS Shops.

The price for goods start at a very low price of RM3 and all proceeds contribute to the charitable works that BLESS is involved in.

DF Optical

We are a gallery-style optical shop. We are specialised in power prescription, dispensing specialty ophthalmic lenses e.g., multifocal, short sightedness, long sightedness, blue control lens, myopia control lens,etc, as well as specialty lenses (toric and multifocal).

We provide the best consultation and fair price to all our customers.