Onde Onde

Location: G-49 (Ground Floor)

Phone Number: +603-7832 5551

Opening Hours: 10.00am to 10.00pm (daily)

Onde Onde

Stemming from Kuala Lumpur, Onde Onde seeks to share Malaysian flavours with different ethnicities and nationalities. At Onde Onde, our aim is to bring back a sense of nostalgia with each dining experience.

Placing a strong emphasis on delivering great taste and food quality are the business’ laurels. Onde Onde believes that when serving local food to the Malaysian public, one has to deliver results, by surpassing consumer expectations, as Malaysians know their food well.

Onde Onde shares all-time local favourites, with ingredients sourced from specialty towns throughout Malaysia, with some ingredients sourced from household suppliers who only produce and supply exclusively to Onde Onde. Our cincalok and gula Melaka are sourced from none other than Melaka. Another highlight ingredient is Onde Onde’s ground coffee, which is sourced from a traditional family roaster in Ipoh. The end product is a smooth, robust and fragrant coffee free of sharp acidity and palate-numbing bitterness.

As consumers become more sophisticated and savvy, using unique and premium ingredients sets Onde Onde apart from its competition. For instance, our kaya is homemade, using a traditional recipe of duck-eggs, fresh coconut milk, and gula Melaka.

Among Onde Onde’s bestsellers are its Assam Laksa, Nasi Lemak Istimewa Supreme and prawn noodles (“Mee Yok”), all of which are family recipes to retain its authenticity. Colourful and delectable, Onde Onde has over 25 varieties of authentic kuih-muihs to select from as a teatime snack or dessert.